About the Womxn’s Action Commission

The ASUW Womxn’s Action Commission (WAC) is one of eight diversity commissions founded by the Associated Students of the University of Washington. Each commission has a mandate to put on educational programs each quarter, as well as serve and advocate for its constituency within the student government and the administration. The WAC seeks a social justice framework that recognizes and affirms the multiple and intersecting identities held by womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth constituents.

The values of the Womxn’s Action Commission include…

  • gender-based empowerment and advocacy
  • educating others about the oppressions faced by womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth people
  • emphasizing the intersectionality of “womxn”
  • dissecting the complexities of gender identity, gender expression, and sex identity
  • promoting accessible and safe spaces for a range of womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth students
  • striving for socio-economic justice for womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth members of all communities
  • recognizing and addressing power & privilege differentials between/among womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth communities as a way to pursue processes of allyship

We seek to carry out our values through…


  • Planning small and large-scale events aimed at a wide range of womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth students and uphold an intersectional anti-oppression framework
  • Focusing on collaboration with other commissions, campus entities, registered student organizations (RSOs), and off-campus communities


  • Pursuing senate resolutions that advocate for the concerns of womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth students
  • Participating in local, national or international activism efforts that affect womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth communities


  • Maintaining a WAC office that offers resources and information, particularly regarding issues of sexual and/or relationship health & well-being
  • Providing resources/referrals accessible for womxn-identified and/or female-assigned-at-birth students with a range of backgrounds, orientations, minds, and bodies

Community Building

  • Establishing WAC meetings as affirming spaces of liberation, accountability, and interpersonal connections
  • Communicating with constituent RSOs, as well as outreaching to other identity-based and social justice communities


  • Creating intentional learning spaces for students to explore topics including feminism, anti-oppression frameworks, power & privilege and social justice.
  • Updating the WAC’s social media accounts with journalism and blogs from critical feminist perspectives