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Deadline: October 19th @ 11pm.

The ASUW Women’s Action Commission is one of eight diversity commissions founded by the Associated Students of the University of Washington. Each commission has a mandate to put on educational programs each quarter, as well as serve and advocate for its constituency within the student government and the administration. The WAC seeks a social justice framework that recognizes and affirms the multiple and intersecting identities held by woman-identified and/or female-identified-at-birth constituents. For our more detailed mission and vision statements, visit

Students of all gender identities, races, classes, sexual orientations, minds and bodies are encouraged to apply.

For all intern positions, there will be a 1-3 hour weekly time commitment (hours will vary based upon need) that includes the weekly 1-hr WAC meeting.

  • The commission will work to schedule around interns’ personal and academic availabilities.

  • In addition to the tasks specified below, interns [and volunteers] will have the opportunity to provide critiques and feedback, plan and execute existing programming and initiate their own programs/projects.

  • During times of high level programming activities, the hours interns will work will most likely increase, but never more than a manageable time. Open and friendly discussions with the director will occur to find a balanced intern work load during these times.

The commission director will practice consistent communication and transparency with all interns and volunteers.

  • Each weekly meeting will be a safe space where the director will report programming and advocacy updates while the interns are more than welcome to share and discuss new ideas for the entity.

Though these internships are unpaid, the WAC emphasizes the value of these internship positions. They will provide interns concrete skills, professional/organizing experience, networking and community building opportunities. Beyond these concrete benefits, the WAC aims to push their internship positions to be spaces of radical learning (and unlearning!), healing, and celebration.

If you have questions or comments about these positions, please don’t hesitate to email


The commission is seeking 6-8 interns in total.

Public Relations/Promotions

The PR/Promotions Interns manage the WAC’s external processes of event and project promotions, as well as pursuing consistent efforts of increasing the WAC’s visibility.


  • Seeking creative opportunities to publicize WAC programming and resources to a diverse range of communities through a variety of mediums (twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc)

  • Developing methods of promotional material production and distribution that uphold the WAC’s vision and mission.

Community Building/Outreach

The Community Building/Outreach Intern supports the WAC’s efforts to connect to a variety of campus and local communities, while upholding values of allyship, accountability and solidarity.


  • Working with the director to support and personally attend (often with the director) campus/community organizations’ meetings and events.

  • Actively seek potential collaborations with other ASUW commissions/entities, RSOs, campus centers and off-campus organizations to better serve the diverse constituencies of the WAC.

Administrative Interns

The Administrative Intern helps manage the WAC’s scheduling, available resources/services, commission archiving and institutional memory.


  • Manage the WAC’s event, organizational meeting and outreach scheduling on a weekly basis.

  • Develop a filing/archiving process for WAC documents and meeting minutes, both historical and current.

  • Assist the director in procuring and maintaining resources/services that are accessible to a wide range of communities.


The Senator advocates on behalf of interests and issues concerning woman-identified and/or female-identified-at-birth students while upholding the aims of the commission’s mission and vision in the weekly ASUW Senate meetings.


  • Consistently attend and participate in the Student Senate.

  • Voice and pursue resolutions on regarding issues concerning woman-identified and/or female-identified-at-birth students.

  • Present a summarized report of the Senate session on a weekly basis.

Note: The WAC can pursue multiple Senate seats, if there is interest in creating multiple Senator positions.

If you have a strong desire for social justice, think about joining the team! Email for more information. Deadline is October 19th at 11pm.

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