Open Calls for The 2015 ________ Monologues!

ASUW Women’s Action Commission presents
as a part of the production previously known the Vagina Monologues

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Prior to 2012, the UW Vagina Monologues have been a powerful experience for many cast members and audiences in creating a space for stories to be shared and heard. While the monologues have historically done some work in shaking fundamental notions of “woman”, feminist, anti-racist, and queer critiques have challenged the monologues’ presentation of stories, diversity of voices, and handling of identity representations.

In an effort to use these critiques productively and open up space for narratives stretch the production to a new potential, WAC decided to switch the script in 2012. Continuing on with the new tradition, this year’s production will again be entirely student written and performed. We are excited to announce the third production of The __________ Monologues. And we want you to take part!

This production is hoping to center the experiences of women, trans*, gender non-conforming and genderqueer folks. Students of all races, classes, sexual orientations, minds, bodies, ages and religions are encouraged to audition. The Monologues will occur on February 12th, 13th, and 14th.

NOTE: The survey will close on November 17th, at 11:45pm.

About the process

1) Fill out the catalyst survey to inform WAC of your availability for the open call sessions.

2) At the Open Call sessions, facilitators will lead participants in a few open ended writing exercises and group discussions. These exercises and discussion questions are intended to get a sense of what topics folks would want to explore in their monologues, if they were a part of the cast. We encourage participants to be as personal and/or political as they feel.  Be sassy. Be hopeful. Be angry. Be passionate. Be real – in whatever way that feels best for you. We want Open Calls to be an opportunity to learn about your reasons for being involved and the experiences you hope to explore and share as a part of the production. Paper and pens will be provided for these activities.

Since the production will be comprised of student written pieces, some of our collective process will be spent writing and workshopping the selected cast member’s individual monologues. That said, we encourage potential participants to begin thinking about and writing on their monologue topic before the Open Call. Also, if you’re interested in writing but not performing OR performing but not writing, we also welcome your participation and will coordinate with you individually.

3) From there, cast decisions will be made by the facilitators based upon participants’ answers to the Catalyst survey, the writing exercises and participation in group discussions at the Open Call.

4) Those who are selected to be a cast member:
The commitment of a cast member will include weekly writing/performance meetings with the entire cast (to be decided based upon chosen members’ availabilities), as well as supplementary rehearsals as the production draws closer. 

NOTE: If you are wondering more about what we mean by “monologue”…
Monologues should be written on any topic that you believe should be part of the conversation that the Monologues is intended to spark. Topics encouraged include gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, bodies, minds, activism, relationships, families. Write the truths that need be shared to discuss and deconstruct the identity of “woman”. Monologues should be written as first-person accounts, preferably centered around a specific experience that might relate to the larger theme of the Monologues. The length of a finished monologue will most likely be 5 – 10 minutes (when read aloud at an even pace).

Thank you for reading. We are excited to read your survey and meet you at one of the Open Call sessions.

If you have any questions, comments, critiques or concerns, please email

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