Get Involved

Are you interested in getting involved in WAC? Or just staying in the loop? We invite all interested folks to attend our biweekly WAC Organizing Meetings. Check out our FB to stay up to date on meeting times!

Students of all gender identities, races, classes, sexual orientations, minds, bodies, ages and religions are encouraged to attend.

//The HUB’s front entrance is wheelchair accessible and our suite is on the first floor, to the right of the main desk.

//An all-genders restroom can be found above us, on the 3rd floor (accessible by elevators).

//The suite is not kept scent-free but interns/volunteers will be asked to maintain low-moderate scent during organizing meetings.

NOTE: If you’re interested in collaborating or letting us know about what is going on in your student group, entity or community? Please email to set up a time to make an announcement at our meetings.

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