Interns and elections and monologues… oh my!

Hellllooooooo, folks,

Hope October has been treating you well. The academic year is in full swing, so I hope you are also taking care of yourselves. Some activities that the WAC interns named as potential self-care acts were taking a bath, running, playing frisbee or journaling – maybe you could try a few of those as a way to take a break from school, work and extracurriculars?

We have begun our weekly organizing meetings. The team of WAC interns is sooo badass and we are already beginning planning on some major events and collaborations! If you ever want to attend our weekly meetings, they are on Tuesdays at 2:30p in the ASUW + hallway (outside the WAC office). Here is the facebook event:

The WAC, and most of the Joint Commissions Committee, is helping to support the 2012 Election Event Series, All Dawgs Vote. These events include an Initiatives Forum, a Ballot Drop Event and an Election Viewing Party. For more details:

In other news, some of you might be wondering when you will receive more information about one of our largest events, the Vagina Monologues. I’m brimming with excitement to tell you that the event is going to be very different this year. It will be called The _________ Monologues, and it will be *gasp* all student-written! Eeeee, there will be more information soon! Keep checking on our website and Facebook for updates. 😉

I also wanted to share with you some amazing upcoming campus events and opportunities:

  • PISC’s Oceania’s Week, This Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, various locations. Information here.
  • classMATTERS Discussion Group, Wednesdays @ 6:30p in the UW Q Center (HUB 315). More info here.
  • First Nations, Ethnic Cultural Center and M.E.Ch.A de UW present My Culture Is Not a Costume, Thursday, October 25th @ the ECC. More info here.
  • SARVA Volunteer Application, due by December 2nd. Application here.
  • ASUW SDC’s Disability History Month Celebration, Friday @ 4:30p in the UW Q Center. Info here.

Phew, so many rad events coming up. Check them out and don’t forget to VOTE!

Thanks for reading. As usual, please email me with critiques, questions or comments,


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